Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have displaced thousands of families that are now struggling with transportation issues in their new surroundings. Bicycles can help provide the mobility and independence people will need to help them rebuild their lives.

Bikes for the Bayou was established to collect, refurbish, and ship 400 bicycles to hurricane evacuees. On Sunday, December 11th, we packed 417 bikes into a tandem trailer to be hauled to East Biloxi, Mississippi, where they have been unpacked and distributed. The response was so overwhelming that we had almost 100 bikes left over, and even had to turn people away!

We know there are many of you who would still like to donate your bikes. We regret that we are not prepared to stage another collection event and shipment at this time. For now, we are committed to getting the leftover bikes we already have into the hands of people who can use them, and we are making progress on that front, thanks to efforts by Portland Peoples Free Space and Boston Bikes Not Bombs. If you are still interested in donating a bike, please consider donating it to the Community Bike Center of Biddeford.

In the longer term, some of us are interested in pursuing an idea to establish a network of organizations that would help to collect, refurbish, and redistribute bikes throughout the state of Maine and beyond. We would do this by partnering with shippers and local collection points, to direct your donated bikes to known recipient organizations around New England. If you would like to help us, please let us know. A link to a web site for that organization, when it has one, will be posted here. We thank you for your support!

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